The BEGIN AGAIN SHOPPE - The Consignment Process

Established in 1981 and Selected People’s Choice all 15 years since voting began and received the Retail-Based Chamber of Commerce Small Business Award in 2015

WECOME to The BEGIN AGAIN SHOPPE. We would like to tell you about this resale-consignment business and encourage you to join the over 11,700 people already working with us as Consignors and the many thousands of others who are faithful Customers. We like to say that as a Consignor, you are able to “recycle through resales for ecology and economy.” This venture is an experience in good stewardship for everyone because as a Consignor you earn money and as a Customer you are able to save money. So, if you are interested in knowing more about The BEGIN AGAIN SHOPPE, and would like to consider becoming a Consignor, then read on. All the information you will need to know follows:

The BEGIN AGAIN store front - on Morris Boulevard in Morristown, TN.

The BEGIN AGAIN store front – on Morris Boulevard in Morristown, TN.

What is a Consignor and what is a Consignment Business?

As BEGIN AGAIN is a consignment business, this means we do not purchase items from you directly. Instead, we establish an account for you as a Consignor and you are given your account number which will always be used to identify every item you consign. You are paid for the items you sell.

Becoming a Consignor

First, call to set up an appointment to become a NEW Consignor. Staff will give you the guidelines to follow in preparing your merchandise to consign. When you come at your appointed time, Staff will open your account and your merchandise will be tagged with your personal account number. Next, the items you wish to consign are reviewed. Staff make selections according to what our almost 35 years if experience tell us has good potential for resale. Other items are returned to you or you may wish to use our donate source for items we are unable to retain. Accepted items are tagged with your consignment number and are available for sale through the end of the established consignment period, per item.

After initially establishing an account, in the future all you will need to do is bring in your consignments, give us your consignment number, and wait for our staff to review what you bring in. If you would like to keep any items we are unable to consign they will be returned to you at that time. If as an established Consignor you prefer to “drop and run” we have a donation source that receives items we can not accept for consignment. Items that are retained are tagged and available for sale.

Our side door is reserved for consignment drop off.

Our side door is reserved for consignment drop off.

What Can I Consign?

We are pleased to accept a large range of outstanding merchandise. Consignments are considered in either of two categories.

We sell men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. All clothing must be in current style, clean, pressed and on hangers. For processing purposes, we ask you limit your clothing items to no more than 50 items per visit.

Miscellaneous items are ALWAYS quite popular with our Customers. Miscellaneous items include shoes, purses, belts and a wide range of household and home decor which may include furnishings based on space and the merchandise. We do require miscellaneous merchandise is contained in boxes of manageable size for ease of storage and lifting, as this is necessary for our processing approach. Also, bags tear and do not stack easily, and glass items can break more easily if not in boxes. The other factor concerning miscellaneous items is that we are unable to review miscellaneous items prior to when you leave them with us. Thus, we must ask your approval to donate any item deemed unacceptable for resale in the miscellaneous category. Generally speaking, the original purchase price of a miscellaneous item should have exceeded $5.00 to allow a reasonable consignment price as we tend not to price items less than $3.50 for resale.

We accept items all year long, Monday – Saturday, from 10 am – 4 pm for current/established Consignors. Remember to please call ahead to schedule your appointment time if you wish to become a new Consignor. The consignment entrance is on the west side of our building under the canopy. Ring the doorbell and our staff will gladly receive you and your consignments.

Generally speaking, we accept Spring oriented items beginning early January and Fall oriented items beginning early July. Summer and winter clothing are typically accepted a few weeks later. Miscellaneous items are received regardless of the season. The dates for seasonal merchandise are somewhat tentative and subject to change, so check our home page for current news and dates, or you are welcome to call The SHOPPE for more information.

Consignor’s Payment

When your consignments sell, you the Consignor receive 40% of the selling price. You may pick up checks for your sales, on or after the 10th of each month. Also, you may redeem your payment in “store credit” giving you a discounted store purchase opportunity. Merchandise that did not sell upon reaching the final date of the selling period becomes the property of BEGIN AGAIN for disposition.